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Canadian Football Perspective is the long overdue passion project of mine that aims to give exposure to the great game of Canadian football, while educating and entertaining anyone who loves the 65-yards wide, 3 down, 12-man game.

Since I was little throwing the - big CFL - ball around with my dad North of Kingston, Ontario in the small community of Glenburnie I have always been fascinated with the game. It wasn't until after playing quarterback for nine years through high school and university that I found the root of that interest: The uniqueness of our game.


Now I have a place to study and discuss all those rare details with you.

There are two simple reasons why CFP was created.


The first is that there are endless quirks and special situations engrained in Canadian Football that you just don't find anywhere else in the world. From special teams rules to unique formations, the waggle, offensive tendencies differing from our American counterparts and much more. I wanted to create a place to analyze and discuss these quintessentially Canadian football moments with a unique perspective driven by my work studying the game.

The second reason for CFP is that there are far too many great people working to raise the quality of Canadian Football from coast-to-coast at both the amateur and professional level who do not get the credit they deserve. These people should have their journeys heard. CFP will aim to become a home for these great Canadian football stories.


From high school coaches and volunteers to standout U SPORTS players and exceptional CFL talent the game has great stories at every level. We just need to ask the right questions to find them for you. 

Simply put, Canadian Football Perspective is a place about Canadian Football, for Canadian Football players, coaches and fans created by Canadian Football players, coaches and media.

If you want rumours, splashy headlines or salacious reporting, there are other venues to feed your need.


CFP will always be about the game.

The goal is to give the best analysis on every element of the Canadian game possible through a variety of unique platforms that will - with your belief and support - grow and improve over time.

I have always felt Canadian Football fans needed a place to nerd out and get lost in the game. I hope CFP becomes that for you.

Take a look around, give us a follow, subscribe to the daily podcast, tell a friend and always feel welcome to drop me a note via the contact page. 


Marshall Ferguson - CFP Founder & Director of Content


Marshall Ferguson (@TSN_Marsh) is a former U SPORTS quarterback for the McMaster Marauders. From 2015-2021 he worked as an on-air personality for TSN 1150 Hamilton, serving as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats play-by-play voice. When TSN 1150 closed their doors in February 2021 Ferguson relaunched an expanded CFP experience while continuing to combine his love for college and pro football as's lead draft analyst. Ferguson also contributes to the CFL as a weekly columnist year round while travelling to cover the CFL regular season and playoffs.

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