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Why Support the SPCA?
I have always loved dogs and wanted to contribute to finding as many dogs as possible their forever home. In February 2016,  I adopted my first rescue after my family dog passed away a decade earlier. Sky (pictured above) was a two-month old Husky-German Shepherd mix from Iqaluit with boundless energy. Adopting Sky and my experience within the SPCA network has been one of the best experiences of my life, remaining my loyal sidekick today! As a result I decided to use my platform at TSN, CFP and through the CFL as a way to help other amazing dogs like Sky get the exposure they deserve to find their fit.
What are the goals of this page?
In 2018 while travelling as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats radio voice I began finding SPCA's across Canada which allow drop in volunteers. I started walking dogs that are often not exercised enough due to the understaffing of many SPCA's as a way to give back to the SPCA community while selfishly having fun meeting all kinds of fun breeds and taking them for a long walk. I decided to start publishing their stories on my personal social media in hopes of inspiring others to volunteer in their own community and hopefully find these dogs a home where they can get proper care and affection. I hope to help raise general awareness so that the right owner or family might be directed towards adopting instead of shopping for their next furry fan. With our broad national reach here on Canadian Football Perspective I hope to build a network of SPCA volunteers and success stories under the hashtag #CFPDogs!
*Please note that while creating awareness and exposure is absolutely the number one objective of this page, the application process and commitment to care for a dog long-term is a serious one. Only those fully commited to owning a dog the right way should apply in order to prevent the viscious cycle of re-ownership. My hope is to help dogs find homes where they can watch the big game with their new family and friends. Whats better than that?!? - Marsh


Flynn- Medium - Male - 4 y/o - Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Born March 4, 2017, is a very handsome 40-pound, Blue Merle coloured Australian Cattle Dog mix who is vaccinated, sterilized, and micro-chipped at the SPCA of Western Quebec.

Transferred, from an over-crowded Shelter, this sweet boy likes people and most other dogs.He is not good with small animals--small dogs/cats or other small animals.

An active boy, Flynn loves to go for walks, enjoys learning new things, and when tired is content to curl up at your feel with his chew-stick and snooze while you read or watch T.V .
Have a great picture of your dog in their best Canadian football colours? Send it to us on, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #CFPDogs!
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