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The 2020 CFL draft will take place in May 2020. 70+ athletes will be drafted from a pool of about 550 draft elgible players. These players are selected from Canadian Universities across the country, Canadian Junior Football League as well as Canadian players in the United States playing in the NCAA, JUCO system and beyond.
2019 East-West Bowl Top 50

CFL Draft Elgibility requirements

Must be  registered in an undergrad course leading to a degree/diploma at a college/university.


If so the player will become eligible for the draft,

  (A) In Canada three years after completing his first year of U SPORTS eligibility

  (B) In the United States after his senior season of NCAA/NAIA eligibility


If a player who is deemed eligible for the College Draft will graduate from his CIS/NCAA

institution prior to his draft year, he may apply to the Commissioner to be placed in the Draft the year he graduates. 


In order to qualify he must be scheduled to graduate, or the class in which the player originally registered in must be scheduled to

graduate in that current draft year AND he must have participated as a player in a football game as a member of the football team representing the school in intercollegiate competition, at any time during the player’s college career prior to the draft AND he must qualify as a national player under the guidelines of the CFL constitution.


A player who would fail to qualify under the above standards can still qualify to be drafted if,

(A) At least 25 years old prior to January 1st of the current draft year.

(B) Voluntarily  terminated  college  eligibility  through  formal  application  to  qualify  for professional football in another league OR had exhausted his U SPORTS eligibility in accordance with U SPORTS eligibility rules.

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