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Fox 40 has long been one of the most recognizable and consistent brands at any field, court, rink, arena or stadium. That is never more true than today as Fox 40 continues to lead the way in return-to-play protection for athletes, coaches and especially the officials who trust their Fox 40 whistle more than any other piece of game day equipment. 

Fox 40 continuously improves their product to meet or exceed customers’ expectations on time, every time. The Fox 40 brand is a symbol of hard work, passion, commitment, vision, innovation and excellence.​

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“Fox 40 is proud to be partnering with Canadian Football Perspective. As a fellow Canadian company with a passion for sport, Fox 40 shares the vision of bringing Canadians unlimited access to the great game of Canadian Football. Through this unique partnership, Fox 40’s innovative products will be represented with the same authenticity and integrity in which we built our brand.  We are honored to have our Fox 40 name associated with the Canadian Football Perspective brand.”

- Dave Foxcroft, President & C.O.O. Fox 40 International Inc.


Sawdust City Brewing Company believes in breaking the status quo to deliver beer lovers unique flavour profiles while pushing boundaries on what's possible in your beer drinking experience. Their creativity and excellence in their field is what we aspire to at CFP and we couldn't be more excited to have them onboard as a partner and staple of your Canadian Football experience moving forward!

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We here at Sawdust City Brewing Company enjoy Canadian things. Canadian-made beer, Canadian folks, and Canadian football. In the spirit of all things good and Canadian, we're proud to announce our partnership with Canadian Football Perspective. Cheers!

- Sam Corbeil, Brewmaster of Sawdust City Brewing Company

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The Preeminent University Sport Conference in Canada, Ontario University Athletics aims to develop student-athletes through academics and athletics to achieve excellence in life while producing the best quality of University football in Canada.

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“We are thrilled to partner with Canadian Football Perspective and get a front row seat to the knowledge, experience, and passion they have for the gridiron game across the country. With strong ties to the OUA, the Canadian Football Perspective team knows what it takes for student-athletes to thrive at the university level and are already shining a well-deserved spotlight on these individuals across Ontario and beyond. The OUA is excited to be creating and collaborating with such a dedicated group of individuals for the 2021 football season.”

- Gord Grace, OUA President and CEO

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