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My Tragically Hip Ticats vs. Riders highlights

I grew up a proud Kingstonian where the Tragically Hip were larger than life before I ever really knew who they were. They played every little concert hall and venue around town on Canada Day, fall festivals and anything else that screamed maple syrup and beaver tails.

I was never a die hard fan and only saw The Hip play live twice, but they're effect on Canadian culture was profound and clearly echoed by 11.7 million Canadians who tuned in Saturday evening to their final show in Kingston.

I.. was.. working.. That doesn't mean I couldn't have some Tragically Hip fun on the Ticats and Riders broadcast Saturday night. Aside from butchering two lines in the heat of battle it was a really enjoyable experience to celebrate one of our greatest Canadian acts while describing a Canadian football league game.


#HamiltonTigerCats #SaskatchewanRoughriders

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