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  • Marshall Ferguson

Man, Myth, Legend. Mitch from Burlington.

By now you well know the Ticats fell to 0-8 Friday night against the second worst team in the CFL right now the Ottawa Redblacks and today Hamilton traded away John Chick for a second round pick.

Some times you just need a little bit of positivity in your life so as a gift to Ticats fans I took our call from Mitch in Burlington who spread his wisdom across the Golden Horseshoe Friday at 11:15pm and set it to four different songs. First up, country western Mitch.

If imagining Mitch as a gun slinging desperado who walks into a bar in West Texas with boots to match his message doesn't do it for you then how about a little Braveheart.

Step aside Mel Gibson. Still not working for you? What about a Friday Night Lights vibe?

After that call it's just babies and memories. I envision Mitch having a bunch of both. If you're looking for something a bit more modern you'll enjoy the last one.

Thanks to Mitch for calling in and to you for following our post game show. Regardless of the outcome we've had some great discussions over the last two months and look forward to continuing that trend on Labour Day.

Let me know what your favourite Mitch clip is on twitter @TSN_Marsh

#HamiltonTigerCats #CFL

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