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2019 East-West Bowl Top 10

1) OL - Dylan Giffen - Western Mustangs Dylan Giffen is one of the most pro ready players in 2019 U SPORTS Football class.

At 6-8 it is no secret that Giffen possesses pro caliber size. Giffen is an absolute mauler up front. His size and strength help him to get his hands on opposing defensive linemen and not only engage, but dominate his assignment. Not only does Giffen have an innate ability for physically imposing his will on opposing defensive players, he is also an incredibly smart player. Giffen is rarely caught out of position and does a great job of driving through and finishing his blocking assignments. Giffen has the size and skill set necessary to be able to make the transition at the next level.

2) OL - Samuel Lefebvre - Laval Rouge et Or Samuel Lefebvre is heading into the 2019 U SPORTS season looking to build on what was a fantastic 2018. Lefebvre was a staple on the offensive line for the 2018 Vanier Cup champion Laval Rouge et Or. Lefebvre received First Team All-Canadian honours and was selected to the Team East roster for the U SPORTS East-West Bowl.

Lefebvre is a tough blocker with a powerful first-step. Lefebvre possesses a low centre of gravity and is great at keeping his pad level low helping him in driving defenders off the line of scrimmage. Lefebvre benefits from coming from a Laval program which has had tremendous success developing offensive linemen and helping them to get to the CFL. Lefebvre is a great linemen already playing in a pro-style system, making him an exciting prospect to keep an eye out for in the 2019 season.

3) DL - Brock Gowanlock - Manitoba Bison Gowanlock was a prospect who blew me away at the 2019 U Sports East-West bowl. Gowanlock had an impressive East-West performance finishing his day with 4 tackles and 2 sacks.

A great performance for Gowanlock especially when considering the limited reps and field time players get are allotted during this game. Gowanlock gets off the line of scrimmage very well and has a variety of pass rush moves in his tool-belt that were on full display during the East-West Bowl.

When rushing from the edge Gowanlock showed off his speed and bend which he used to get into the backfield for one of his two sacks. Gowanlock also has quick hands and a strong punch that he uses to disengage with opposing offensive linemen. Gowanlock is a ferocious pass rusher who will do whatever it takes to be disruptive and get into the offensive backfield.

4) QB - Adam Sinagra - Calgary Dinos This is a name that most U SPORTS football fans are already very familiar with and for good reason. Sinagra is heads and tails one of the strongest quarterback prospects in the 2019 U SPORTS Football class. In his 2018 season Sinagra led U SPORTS in total yards, racking up 3,233 regular season passing yards.

Sinagra also led the league in yards per game, averaging 404.1 passing yards per game. On top of a statically impressive 2018 season, Sinagra took home the Hec Crighton award for the most outstanding player in U SPORTS Football. Sinagra was also selected as a first-team All-Canadian and was selected as one of the two quarterbacks to play for Team West in the 2019 U Sports East-West Bowl.

Sinagra’s field vision and arm strength are a thing of beauty. Sinagra is a patient pocket passer who can throw any type of ball you need him too. He can throw the 100MPH fastball to hit receivers on quick breaking routes or he can wind up and throw the touch pass downfield. Watching Sinagra at the East-West Bowl you really saw just how special Sinagra’s arm talent really is. Sinagra is a prospect I’m incredibly excited to watch in the 2019 season.

5) OL - Nicholas Summach - Saskatchewan Huskies Summach is another physically imposing offensive linemen. At 6-8 Summach already has the size necessary to play at the pro level. Summach has long arms and quick feet that benefit him in both run and pass blocking scenario’s. In running situations Summach has a very strong first step that allows him to get his hands on defenders and drive them out to create a lane for the ball-carrier.

In passing situations Summach moves a lot better than someone standing at 6-8 should. He has quick feet and a nice kick step that allow him to stay with pass rushers and protect his Quarterback. Summach is an intriguing prospect with the size and skillset to be one of the best linemen in the 2019 season.

6) DB - Marc-Antoine Dequoy - Montreal Carabins Deqouy was easily one of my favourite players that I got to watch during the East-West Bowl and not just because I’m a former DB. Dequoy is the real McCoy, he has the size, physicality, and quickness necessary to play in the defensive secondary at an elite level.

At 6-3 Deqouy can play any position you need him to play, whether its corner, halfback, or even safety. His length and size pair nicely with his range and closing speed, making him someone you might want to avoid throwing the ball towards. He is a physical defender who is not afraid of contact, when playing press Dequoy’s size and physicality allow him to seemingly stop receivers dead in their tracks. Deqouy got a chance to show off his coverage skills late in the game when team west looked his and decided to try and throw on him.

Bad decision, Dequoy read the play perfectly, broke on the ball and jumped the route for the interception. Deqouy has the physical attributes that make him a coaches dream, he can play anywhere the secondary and is a player I firmly believe will be one of the best DBs in the country this season.

7) DL - Carter Wilson - Guelph Gryphons The Guelph product is a long physical interior defensive linemen that bullies offensive linemen at the line of scrimmage and wreaks havoc on opposing backfields. Wilson has a knack for making his way into the offensive backfield and being disruptive on his way there.

On countless occasions in the East-West Bowl Wilson powered his way through the team East offensive line to disrupt the design of the play the offence was trying to run. Wilson’s length, size and physicality give him the tools needed to be a dominant pass rusher this year.

8) OL- Jonathan Zamora - St. Francis Xavier X-Men Zamora is a powerful Centre coming out of the Atlantic conference. Zamora’s 2018 season with St.FX earned him honours as a second-team All-Canadian and a spot on the Team East roster. In run blocking situations Zamora is an active blocker who not only welcomes contact, but aggressively initiates the contact.

Time and time again during the East-West Bowl game Zamora would latch onto an opposing defensive linemen and drive him out of the play. In passing situations Zamora does a greta job of keeping his feet, hands, and head active to look for pass rushers and to help on double teams when necessary. Zamora is a very skilled linemen with a great pairing of technique and physicality.

9) WR - Tyler Ternowski - Waterloo Warriors Tyler Ternowski is a dangerous offensive weapon and a problem for any opposing defence. Ternowski’s talent was on full display in 2018 as he finished first in the country in yards, touchdown receptions, and yards per game. Ternowski had a monster 2018 season and I expect him to continue tis going into 2019.

Ternwoksi is a smooth route runner with the speed to burn defenders. Ternowksi is quick out of his breaks and is very spatially aware when the ball is in the air. When the ball is in the air Ternwoksi is a tenacious receiver who does everything he can to fight to come down with the catch. When run blocking Ternowski doesn’t shy away from igniting blocks and on a few occasions in the East-West bowl caught a few DBs off guard with some physically punishing blocks.

Ternowski was the best wide receiver in the country last year with no signs of taking his foot off the gas this year. Ternowski is bound to be one of the most exciting players in U Sports in the upcoming season.

10) DB - William Amoah - Laurier Golden Hawks William Amoah was one of the top defensive in the country last year finishing his season with 5 interceptions and 27 tackles. Amoah’s 2018 season earned him first-team All-Canadian honours and a spot on the Team West roster.

Amoah is a physical and sticky coverage DB who does an incredible job of staying patient and letting the play develop in front of him. In man coverage Amoah is rarely caught out of position and does a good job of staying in the hip pocket of the receiver he is covering. Amoah is also a sound and willing tackler, he does a good job of driving from the hips and keeping his feet moving to drive through contact. Amoah is a fast, physical, shutdown DB who will surely continue to demonstrate why he is one of the best DBs in the country.

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