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2021 Virtual Combine Rankings

Another round of potential CFL players have completed their testing, albeit under more than unique circumstances. From training at home to testing in obscure locations and beyond, every CFL draft prospect should be commended for the roller coaster of preparation they just completed.

Every year I track results, add them into a position specific database and chart percentile performances for each of the eight athletic tests (0-100) judged against players of the same positional group from CFL Combines of the past.

This year the 10-yard, 20-yard and vertical jump weren't included, resulting in five tests (Bench, 40-yard, broad jump, shuttle, three cone) being judged. When all test percentiles are calculated I create a 'combine score' which is simply the average of all available combine test percentiles.

This 'combine score' rewards the well rounded performances. Those who can run AND bench AND show quickness AND lower body explosion will inevitably have a higher combine score. With that in mind let's look at the overall rankings from 2021.

Ben Hladik blew all of us away with his performance, but what makes this crazier is the fact his height and weight (not factored into combine score) are also in the 95th+ percentile compared to all linebackers previously attending CFL combines.

Kyle Borsa really put up some freaky numbers adding depth to a pretty weak running back class while Griffin Campbell came out of nowhere for me to grab the bronze

Other notables in the top-20 include monster Laval Kicker David Cote (5th) Acadia surprise Alex Smith (9th), Saskatchewan all-star Nelson Lokombo (14th) and top rated offensive lineman Logan Bandy (20th).

Always fun to see a QB nearly crack the top-20 as McMaster's Andreas Dueck did while a host of athletic defensive backs staked their claim for draft night selection with great workouts including Mount Allison's Matt Watson (23rd), Manitoba Bisons Alum Shaw Weekes (28th), current Bison Arjay Shelley (33rd), Laval's Zack Fitzgerald (37th) and Saskatchewan Huskies DB Josh Hagerty (39th).

I was a bit surprised to see Calgary LB Grant McDonald, Toronto REC Will Corby and Laval LB Kean Harelimana represented in the back half of 2021's combine scores, but their play on the field does plenty more talking than the underwear olympics.

Those are the overall rankings, to get a sense for which positional groups collectively tested well let's look at the same metrics by the spot they call home on the field.

Finally, a look at which U SPORTS schools - with a minimum of three tested athletes - faired the best in the virtual combine.


Marshall Ferguson is a former U SPORTS Quarterback, CFP Founder, Host & Director of Content. He is the voice of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, analyst and a fan of inside jokes, especially once he gets to be part of one.

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