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CFL Wk 5 - QB Target Charts

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Ottawa Redblacks QB Dominique Davis

There's no secret Ottawa has been struggling offensively, and while many feel Dominique Davis might not be the answer long-term he certainly gave a jolt of energy to the Redblacks fan base and bench despite a lopsided loss to Montreal. His athleticism and ability to extend plays was present as always but his success this week in BC and beyond will come down to his accuracy, decision making and consistency.

Montreal Alouettes QB Vernon Adams Jr.

VA gunna do what VA's gunna do. I've grown to love Vernon and Head Coach Khari Jones brash approach to vertical passing in 2021, doubling down on their approach in 2019. When it hits, the Alouettes can run it up on anyone. When it doesn't, they lose their home opener to Hamilton.

Saskatchewan Roughriders QB Cody Fajardo

In Fajardo's must frustrating day as a Rider - in the regular season at least - he went 0-7 with 2 INTs on passes of 20+ yards in the air. Winnipeg has that effect on pretty much everybody, but it does make you wonder how Toronto was able to run all over the same defence in week 3, while Saskatchewan got almost nothing in the ground attack week 5 powered by William Powell.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers QB Zach Collaros

Almost a perfect Bombers Football game from Collaros. He peppered weak side throws, was highly efficient, leaned on the legs of Andrew Harris for support at any down and distance and hit a couple shot plays.

Toronto Argonauts QB Nick Arbuckle

I talked this week on Ben Grant's X's and Argos podcast about Arbuckle's evolution from check down thrower to a more varied attack. He's growing and seeing a quarterback growing his game in front of our eyes through only two weeks should be highly encouraging to Argos fans.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats QB Dane Evans

As always, Evans was money of swings, bubbles and screens while taking a higher percentage of deep shots than pretty much anyone other than Vernon Adams Jr. The Arbuckle-Evans matchup has VERY REAL potential to be one born on shootouts and deep balls going forward with the next edition firing up tonight from BMO.

Calgary Stampeders QB Jake Maier

A couple of untimely drops, a few missed throws and this chart doesn't look as impressive as it could have, but damn if Jake Maier hasn't been full value through three games becoming the first CFL QB ever to cross 300-yards in each of his first three starts. That 1/8 beyond 20-yards in the air won't last.. IF he gets the chance to start again in Calgary.. Or Ottawa?

Edmonton Elks QB Trevor Harris

Classic Trevor. Clusters under 10-yards, efficient, accurate and in rhythm for his first win over Calgary. Going 5/6 with two DIMES for touchdowns on deep shots was what really won Edmonton this game.


Marshall Ferguson is a former U SPORTS Quarterback at McMaster University now serving as CFP Founder, Host & Director of Content, play-by-play for the CFL on TSN, analyst for and dad to Noah.

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