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How We Track CFL and U SPORTS Games

Updated: May 30, 2019

At CFP we aim to bring you unique analysis that can only be gained by looking outside of objective statistics such as yards, catches or targets that are readily available at your finger tips from or

In their place we have designed a simplified system to track games which we can sort to get a wide variety of metrics which help aid in perspective and discussion around the game.

Some of these include subjective metrics such as accuracy grade. When dealing with subjective evaluation we believe there needs to be transparency so that followers have faith in the the numbers available.

With that in mind here are the ways we track the game to bring you unique Canadian football analysis.

CFP Game Tracking Guidelines

* Quarter / Down / Distance

According to CFL game report.

* Field Position At Snap

1 = Win zone (WZ) = Own end zone to own 30 yard line

2 = Field zone (FZ) = Between the 30’s

3 = Score zone (SZ) = Opponents 30 yard line to opponents end zone.

* Hash At Snap

L = Left

M = Middle

R = Right

* Run or Pass

0 - Run

1 - Pass

- Defines the CALLED play, not result.

- Called passes where QB scrambles is still a pass


Name of targeted receiver or called ball handler on run playsIf QB runs - called or on scramble - list QB name for target on the play*SACK* for quarterbacks tackled behind LOS on PASS PLAYS QB draws or called runs of any kind are a loss.


Throw Location

A) Left or Right

0 = Checkdown right in front of QB

1 = Throw Left (Odd)

2 = Throw Right (Even)

B) Field Zone

0 = Middle … Between hashmarks

1 = Near Boundary (Outside hash, inside numbers)

2 = Near Field (Outside hash, inside numbers)

3 = Far Boundary (Outside Numbers)

4 = Far Field (Outside Numbers)

C) Target Width

3 1 0 2 4

0 - 6 - 12 …… 13 - 18 - 24 …… 24 - 32.5 - 41 …… 41 - 47 - 53 …… 53 - 59 - 65


1 - 3 - 10

1 - 1 - 18

1 - 0 - 28

2 - 0 - 34

2 - 2 - 46

2 - 4 - 64

Result: Unique and accurate throw location data for games.

and seasons.

which can be expanded to show tendencies on target rates

and completion percentages.


Yards In Air (YIA)

From line of scrimmage to location first touched by receiver according to CFL game report.

- Passes behind the line of scrimmage are listed in game report as “0”. These throws need to be judged by the trackers eye from game film and assigned a negative value for however many yards behind the line of scrimmage the targeted receiver was (Ex: -4)

Yards After Catch (YAC)

Number of yards accumulated after distance of ball in air by receiver according to CFL game report.

EXAMPLE NOTE: If a pass goes for 20 yards but was completed -4 game report will list it as (0 YIA, 20 YAC). So we don’t get hung up on these plays when tracking just list them as the report says but make sure to confirm actual YIA when watching film. The pass might actually be (0 YIA, 20 YAC) but we need to make sure to give accurate data.

Pass result

0 = Incompletion

- Includes throwaways, knock downs, arm hit etc.. If it was completed it gets a 0

1 = Completion

Accuracy Grade

0 - Way off

1 - Little to no chance for the receiver. Not as bad as a "0" rating but needs to be better.

2 - Bad location. Needs to be better to give receiver a chance. Improvement should have led to a catch.

3 - Good location. Typically accurate enough to be completed but could have helped receiver more.

4 - Exactly where it needs to be. Best case scenario.

5 - Exceptional throw. Unicorn toss that make you jump out of your seat.

TA - Throw aways (Includes spikes to stop clock)

KD - Knocked down (couldn’t get accuracy grade)

AH - Arm hit (couldn’t get accuracy grade)

** MULTIPLIED x 20 to get grade out of 100

Yards Gained

According to CFL game report.

Production Grade

0 - Interception or fumble

1 - Offence has to leave the field (Turnover on downs, punt or field goal)

2 - Gain of 3 or less on 1st down OR gain on 2nd down that doesn’t allow for short yardage team on 3rd & short)

3 - Gain of 3+ on 1D or gain on 2D allowing short yardage team on 3rd & short)

4 - First down gained

5 - Touchdown

** MULTIPLIED x 20 to get grade out of 100



Penalties are tricky because they throw a wrench into the metrics being tracked. The best way to treat them is simplify with following rules,

If the play is blown dead just treat it like the officials did (that it never happened) don’t track anything for it.If it’s a free play for the offence on a Defensive offsides call where the play IS NOT blown dead still track the play.

First downs gained via penalty ARE always a 4 on production grade. Best to simplify this to allow for quick tracking without confusion.

A penalty resulting in gain of yards but not a first down is a production grade 3.A penalty that moves the offence back (holding, procedure etc) is ALWAYS a 2 on production grade UNLESS it results in the offence having to leave the field at which point it becomes a 1.

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