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When I was let go from TSN radio last week my day-to-day routine, that common rhythm of early morning dog walks, silent drives in, and three hours of celebrating sport with all of you disappeared.

Thankfully I was - an always will be - able to find the humour in almost any situation and I immediately started thinking about how we could continue to have engaging conversations with all of you without the help of terrestrial radio.

Thankfully I had been chipping away at building Canadian Football Perspective for about five years, without really knowing why.

THIS is why.

134,000 impressions on our announcement video with nearly 30,000 views in the first 24-hours. Now, let me be very clear that CFP will NEVER be about the clicks. If there is one thing I learned working at a start-up radio station it's that developing a passionate fanbase who respects your work is far more important than tricking a potential audience into unsustainable clicks.

With that being said, the initial numbers have certainly shown us you are onboard, and that means something to potential partners.

Your overwhelming response and support, your belief and enthusiasm and more than anything else your emphatic trust that we can create something worthy of your time is the best 'measurable' possible.

The last 24-hours have been incredible. Numerous times my beautiful fiancee Marlene has reminded me to put the phone down, but it's tough to do when your heart rate is consistently vibrating at around 140bpm watching people from all corners of Canadian broadcasting, football coaching, playing and beyond support this little pipe dream with so much potential.

As I described off the top of our my first Eh Block podcast Monday, many of you have asked about how to show your appreciation financially. We could sell subscriptions, or put things behind pay walls but I don't want your money. This isn't Wikipedia, and your belief in us is payment enough. Listen to the Monday's podcast for a better explanation.

I believe any product that can prove it's worth by reaching each person in an individual way should be able to acquire partners who believe in what we are doing as much as you, the listeners do. At THAT point we will need your help to support our partners as a thank you to them for supporting us - I have a feeling the type of partners we are in talks with won't make it very difficult for you to support them..

For now, the best way to help us acquire those partners is continue sharing, subscribing, downloading, rating and reviewing everything that we do. Those numbers will power us forward and allow us to bring you better and better coverage as we re-invest their support back into the podcasts and website.

It's been one week since everything got turned upside down, and we already feel at home in this new adventure. We couldn't do it without you ALL.

From our little family to yours, THANK YOU.

- Marsh, DT, Melo, Connor, Wade, Scott


Monday's Eh Block and Tuesday's All-Canadian podcasts can be heard HERE.

Wednesday: Debut of 'The Breakdown' with DT & Marsh discussing our top five CFLFA signings, favourite under the radar signing and more.

Thursday: All-Canadian with Wade and Connor returns with special guest Jim Mullin, President of Football Canada.

Friday: Marsh & Melo reincarnated! Aiming to bring you as close as possible to the TSN radio experience, Marsh and Melo return for their usual tornado of fun with a special focus on all things Canadian Football.

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