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The Week That Was

A week that began with so much promise and hopeful conversation came crashing to a halt for many Canadian Football fans when it was announced Friday that Chris Schultz passed away from a heart attack.

They say we tell stories of the dead to heal the living, and the outpouring of uniquely personal stories surrounding Chris and his time in the CFL have been heart warming to see over the past couple days, but the reality is after that warmth and remembrance, there will be a 6'8, 300lb hole in the CFL family that can not be replaced.

Unlike many of my media and CFL team colleagues I did not communicate regularly with Schultz, maybe a handful of times per year in a booth or at an event. That didn't stop Chris from making you feel like the most important person in the room every time he sat down for a few minutes to talk ball. Anyone who new him was luckier than we realized Thursday to do so.

I searched high and low to find the picture or video of Schultz talking to us at the 2011 Vanier Cup, but had no luck.

Thankfully the internet is undefeated and came through with an image I'll now cherish forever as tipped off by my former Offensive Coordinator Jon Behie.

On March 8th 'The Eh Block' I'll be joined by Schultz's former broadcast partners and dear friends Mike Hogan and Rod Smith as we remember Chris through the eyes of people who know him best. You can hear it HERE Monday. For now I implore you to read Hogie's piece from Friday morning.

Monday - The Eh Block w/ Marshall Ferguson

CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie was nice enough to fit me into his hectic schedule this week as we discussed everything from the state of CFL 2.0 to what leadership looks like in the face of unprecedented circumstances.

New contributor from Xs and Argos Ben Grant posted his first piece this week, a deep look at the Argonauts receiving situation as of March 2021 with a focus on how current roster players could fit the needs of each receiver position.

Tuesday - All-Canadian w/ Connor O'Neil & Wade Zanchetta

On Tuesday Wade and Connor were joined by Kellen Forrest to discuss the idea of U SPORTS football returning to play and which schools should see multiple names taken in a draft unlike any other.

Wednesday - The Breakdown w/ DT & Marsh

Dropped another classic episode of 'The Breakdown' Wednesday. A show that based on your feedback appears to be quickly becoming a favourite of true CFL enthusiasts like myself and DT.

We bounced around the headlines of the week then broke down the one tweak we would make in a fantasy football world to upgrade each CFL teams defence.

We ALSO launched the video podcast element this week which we will quickly be expanding to every podcast, all clips can be found on our YouTube page.

Thursday - All-Canadian w/ Connor O'Neil & Wade Zanchetta

A little U SPORTS story time with a Vanier Cup and CFL Draft twist? Connor and Wade brought the goods Thursday.

Did you know we a page on dedicated solely to helping shelter dogs around Canada get some extra exposure in hopes of finding their forever home? Use the hashtag #CFPDogs to send us your furry Canadian football fans in their best gear so we can share on social media and the CFP Dogs page!

Friday - Marsh & Melo

From NBA Top Shot explanations to Don Matthews trading cards, an explanation of the CFL Combine conundrum, the Friday House Party and why you should want a Running Back to be a theatre major. It's all here for you in Friday's Marsh & Melo.

In the show we also welcomed another outstanding contributor to help offer more voices from different perspectives - the name of CFP isn't an accident - as Brandon Rowe brings his professionalism and life experience to CFP.

Thank You Partners!!

This week we received the final instalment of our initial production quality upgrades. Bringing you high quality content AND production is my biggest concern, and Fox 40 has given us the flexibility to accomplish this quickly.

We can't thank them enough, and you can thank them by buying some whistles, now 15% off!

We also welcomed an old friend from TSN 1150 to the fold this week as Anthony and his team at Fore Stagione signed a partnership to support our vision and help us continue our unique local radio feel on the big stage. Fore Stagione offers a world class dining and entertainment experience with Trackman golf simulators and a loaded menu.

As always we ask that you consider supporting those who has supported us as a thank you for their belief that allowing CFP to grow will help bring you better Canadian Football coverage. You can find them at 1070 Stone Church Road East in Hamilton or on InstaGram @Fore.Stagione. Email is '' and for takeout or delivery call 905-381-9850!


Marshall Ferguson is a former U SPORTS Quarterback, CFP Founder, Host & Director of Content. He is the voice of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, analyst and a fan of inside jokes, especially once he gets to be part of one.

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