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The Week That Was

Another busy week for the CFP week as we get set to announce some new partners in April that we're excited to share with you and hope that your support of us will extend to them as a thank you for helping us provide you unique Canadian Football coverage.

We kicked off the week with a Kellen Forrest profile on BC Lions long snapper Tanner Doll. I have to admit, I've always viewed Tanner as a weird cat while watching him visualize and wander the field for hours before kickoff whenever playing Hamilton. After reading the profile it all makes so much sense as he tells the story of living one snap at a time in his pro football life. Also an excellent reason to teach your students, kids or friends to long snap.


With the shock of Schultzy's passing still fresh, Mike Hogan and Rod Smith were nice enough to give me their time and share some stories about their friend Chris. A powerful gesture of compassion as they share his memory with you in the personal setting that is podcasts.


Wade and Connor returned for their first journey into mock draft territory for 2021. These things are difficult, terrifying and a great thought experiment every year. The guys deserve all the love for being one of the first to take a stab at this strange science.

This week we promoted Bear from London, Ontario as part of our CFP Dogs page. If you know someone in the area who is looking for a furry friend and might be a fit let them know!!

Ben Grant continues his exceptional Argos content for us as well, this week writing about what happens if the Argos get off to a slow start?


On 'The Breakdown' DT and I went almost two hours nerving out on CFL offences and ways they could be tweaked to find even more success than projected in 2021.

Don't care for the full episode, but want to hear about YOUR team?

OTT - 27:32 / TOR - 34:56 / EDM - 43:50 / BC - 53:41 / CGY - 1:03:01 / MTL - 1:08:18 / SSK - 1:17:13 / WPG - 1:26:03 / HAM - 1:32:08


On Wednesday the XFL-CFL news broke which meant we had no choice but to double up as Marsh and Melo dropped one day earlier than scheduled this week so we could bounce around the news while the emotions were still present.

Connor and Wade also chimed in on the XFL partnership possibilities before chatting with McMaster Marauders RB Justice Allin, one of the many CFL Draft opt outs in 2021.


With no Marsh and Melo debuting on Friday this week I mixed it up and did a bit of an oral history podcast for you. Just 13-minutes long, Jordan Williams takes you through the day the CFL stopped as he competed at the Ontario Regional Combine, the only such event that would take place in 2021 as the CFL ceased all normal operations by the end of March 12th, 2021.

THIS WEEK: DT and I have another jam packed episode of The Breakdown ready to roll Wednesday morning, All-Canadian continues the CFL Draft discussion and former Hamilton Tiger-Cats Head Coach June Jones joins me on 'The Eh Block'

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Marshall Ferguson is a former U SPORTS Quarterback, CFP Founder, Host & Director of Content. He is the voice of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, analyst and a fan of inside jokes, especially once he gets to be part of one.

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