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The Week That Was

Every time I sit down to write on of these weekly recaps I can't believe how much we've been able to produce for you.

I'm really proud of it and know that your continued support will only push us to bigger and better places so PLEASE continue to share, download and subscribe when possible!!


To kick off the week I caught up with an old friend and a wise soul in the legendary June Jones. We talked everything from XFL/CFL rules to Manziel's failure and when he knew Speedy B had a chance to be special in Hamilton. Enjoy!


On Tuesday Wade and Connor mock drafted for the Alouettes and Redblacks. I have to admit these mock drafts are a bit of a dirty pleasure for me. Feels like we're playing fast and loose with the draft process especially in this crazy year, but it's always fun to hear the different names that the boys have on their radar.

I took a look this week at the radar charts of great CFL Combine performances since 2011. Didn't include this in the article, but man the 2011 and 2012 combine athletes were special. So many great numbers and even those who didn't stick around in the CFL still reached into the upper echelon of combine evaluation.


The Breakdown was a good chance for DT and I to get together and hash out where the last week had taken us on the XFL/CFL discussions plus a look at what makes Henoc Muamba signing with Toronto so interesting and we each pick a 2021 CFL QB to break Matt Dunigan's impossible 713 yard passing performance.

Tuesday I hit the rewind button and penned an opinion piece about tired, old CFL criticisms that I still believe lack some nuanced understanding of what the CFL game is truly about and how it differentiates itself. As I continue to be followed on twitter by XFL fans looking for insight on the future of a potential partnership I realize we're rarely talking the same language when it comes to what is important from our game that could transfer and improve theirs.


For their second show of the week Wade and Connor welcomed in Saskatchewan Huskies Head Coach and CFL Hall Of Fame Member Scott Flory, unfortunately before the announcement was made by Laval that a Spring U Sports tournament involving Flory's Huskies has been cancelled.

Thursday at 5pm TV and radio viewers found a unique, experienced Canadian Football voice on an uncommon platform as Tim Micallef used his Tim and Friends opening to weave together masterfully thoughts on where the CFL stands with historical context.


Fun Marsh & Melo this week bouncing around the topics of the week with a CFL focus including the most shocking revelation in Friday House Party history.


1:51 - #MarchMadness?

8:40 - #XFL Fallout

20:28 - @MikeMorreale18 on the @CEBLeague, CFL/XFL

50:44 - Retirement strategies

1:11:00 Facebook sports dads

1:17:00 - Friday House Party!

1:40:35 - @BrandonRoweTV on XFL & Gord Miller vs Barstool


As an added bonus Saturday I posted a podcast I did with 'At The 55' to give you more Canadian Football chatter to distract from the endless wondering about if and when we'll return to the field.


Tim Micallef joins me on the Eh Block, Connor and Wade return Tuesday with a mock draft for Edmonton and BC before DT and I dig deep on The Breakdown on our CFL topic of the week which we're always open to suggestions on.

Chat soon!


Marshall Ferguson is a former U SPORTS Quarterback, CFP Founder, Host & Director of Content. He is the voice of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, analyst and a fan of inside jokes, especially once he gets to be part of one.

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