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Toronto's Projected Depth Chart

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Creating an accurate preseason depth chart for a CFL team is a difficult task at the best of times. This year? With this team? Impossible. There are an astonishing 75 new players on this roster, and that doesn’t include any of the 31 who signed last offseason and were subsequently released. Expansion teams aside, no organization has seen this many new faces to start a season since the Westeros White Walkers.

Admittedly, some guesswork went into creating this depth chart, but it was educated guesswork. Eleven rough versions of this chart were created over the past three months, but none felt complete enough to publish until certain pieces fell into place after Hénoc Muamba signed last week. This twelfth version is based on consultations with NFL and NCAA beat writers and podcasters, conversations with CFL and USPORTS players and coaches, at least 100 hours of film study, and a degree of common sense.

The starters at any given position haven’t necessarily been determined to be the “best” player for that spot or the player seen as most likely to finish the season in that role. A number of starters were projected based on the comfort this new coaching staff will undoubtedly find in field known quantities to start the year. As such, former Stampeders, Lions, Blue Bombers, and proven CFL veterans were given extra consideration. Conversely, some players who haven’t played football or posted workouts in a number of years were downgraded despite their previous production and known ability.

Additional rationale for the receiver hierarchy can be found in “Toronto’s Plan at WR”, and further breakdowns of other position groups will be added in the coming weeks.

When the season eventually begins, parts of this depth chart will unquestionably look ridiculous. But for the time being, hopefully it sheds some light, sparks debate, and at the very least gets fans excited about the 2021 Toronto Argonauts.

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