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  • Derek Taylor (DTonSC)

Unstoppable Stanback

Imagine a world where the East and West nominees for CFL MOP are both running backs.

It’s might be here four months from now. Winnipeg is dominating the West behind Andrew Harris. And if Montreal’s rise in the East is for real, credit will go to the nearly-untackleable William Stanback.

Through Week 6 Stanback is averaging a 5.1 yards per carry *after contact*. He’s the league leader by far.

An incredible 75% of Stanback’s rushing yards have come after contact this season. Imagine what he could do if he had more room to work. He's gotten the second-fewest yards before contact of any running back.

Stanback has been hit behind the line of scrimmage on 21% of his carries. When he is, he still pounds out 2.1 yards per carry—the best in the league.

I wanted to compare him to the crazy season James Wilder had in 2017.

6.7 per and perhaps the promise of more...that will do.

Stanback has built the foundation for a tremendous season. If he has 150 more carries in him, and the Als have 6 or 7 more wins in them, we could be looking at dual RB MOP candidates.

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