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  • Derek Taylor (DTonSC)

We love long field goals

Justin Medlock hammered a 55 yarder in the Bombers win over the Stampeders. It was the 19th 50+ yard attempt in the league this season--a little ahead of last year's pace.

Through Week 9, the average field goal attempt this season has been 34.2 yards. That's 0.1 yards back of the longest average distance in the last dozen seasons.

Medlock moves up 1 spot in this week's rankings. The Redblacks Lewis Ward continues to lead.

Game of the week: Winnipeg vs. Calgary

Medlock and Paredes combined to go 4-for-4 producing 2.6 points more than expected. A big plus from that game--the Stamps resisted the urge to kick a field goal on first down when they trailed by 9 with about 3 minutes to go. #MaasMath

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